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Neuropathy Program

Peripheral neuropathy generally occurs because damage to the nerve axons has occurred. The nerve axon is what conducts the electrical impulses to different places. For example, if damage occurs within the axon of a sensory neuron, then a person’s sense of touch and warmth will be impaired. Generally, neuropathy creates pain, numbness and tingling in the extremities (hands and feet). There are several different causes of this condition, including:

  • The most common: diabetes
  • Traumatic injury
  • Infection
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Toxins


In simple terms, We like using the analogy of a plant. With these conditions, our body starts to form a process called hypoxia. This is when the lack of blood flow and nutrients are being cut off from the nerve causing the nerves to start to die. So just like a plant, when we cut off oxygen, nutrients, sunlight, and water from that plant it starts to die.

Are you being told day in and day out that nerves cannot regenerate? The reason why you are being told this is because in most clinics the tools they are using are all reactive: Cymbalta, which is for bi-polar & depression, Neurotin, Gabapetin, Lyrica, or maybe some nerve blocks to kill the pain. 

Now that we know the nerve is an organism just like a plant. If we give it what it needs, then it will regenerate. If we tried to feed a plant poison, chemical, or infected in with needles, we all know this would not allow the plant to regenerate. Quite the opposite.  So it’s simple, we give the nerve what it needs. This entire program revolves around driving blood and oxygen to the nerves.

As always remember that if you have questions you can call the team at 940-503-2563 for help.